Clone of Andrea Paarman Photography

I’m Andrea Paarman and I consider myself a landscape photographer. I received my first camera in the late 70s – a gift from my father while still in school. I joined a photography club and did my first stint in the darkroom. Years later, after discovering the digital revolution, I fell in love with photography a second time. Today, I really enjoy playing in modern programs, such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Editing photos into “my style” is part and parcel of my photographic process.

Most of my prints are sold to guesthouses. When I am not driving down isolated dusty backroads somewhere looking for new landscapes, I spend my time doing Real Estate Photography.

It’s my absolute passion to explore the Garden Route, Klein Karoo, Langkloof  & Baviaanskloof areas in search of unique landscapes. Sunny skies are not for me! I literally study weather charts and only venture out on a day-trip when the clouds are looking ominous.

My children are busy assisting me in re-branding my logo & website which is all very exciting.

Looking forward to another few years of bliss in this ever-evolving industry.