Animal Welfare

My love for cows

My Love for Cows

I was born in Switzerland where cows were always a part of my life. They were happy cows. Have you ever actually seen a happy cow?

One of my fondest memories was in springtime when we watched the farmers release the cows from the barn where they were kept over winter to protect them from the elements. As the barn doors opened they would sprint out of their confinement. Running, jumping and nudging resembling an overexcited canine. It was hilarious but at the same time heartwarming. That was when I stopped eating meat. The thought of eating something that can show so much emotion was the breaking point.

As the demand for meat and dairy grows so does the abuse of this beautiful animal. I’m not here to educate you on how terrible this industry is, social media is full of that. I’m here to show you through the lens of my camera how great bovines are. And for those that want to make a difference I would like to remind you of a few things you can do to help their plight. Cows and allĀ  animals deserve respect.

What can we do to help?

  • Support Meatless Monday
  • Create your own dairy free day
  • Be daring and try Almond Milk
  • Educate yourself about meat and dairy production
  • Buy a vegetarian recipe book, you might just be surprised
  • Sign the NSPCA petition to stop live animal export
  • Start by avoiding processed meat
  • Cut your meat servings in half
  • For those that can cut out red meat completely
  • Build meals around vegetables not meat
  • Eat organic meat from smaller more humane farms

Let’s us work together and do our bit to help cows.