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Soap in the Snow

A behind the scenes look at a marvellous day, family, dogs, snow capped mountains and we even threw in some workūüė欆– Andrea Paarman

Images for Heaven Soaps Winter Catalogue

Client:         Heaven Soaps Location:   Swartberg Pass, South Africa

Animal Welfare

My love for cows

My Love for Cows

I was born in Switzerland where cows were always a part of my life. They were happy cows. Have you ever actually seen a happy cow?

One of my fondest memories was in springtime when we watched the farmers release the cows from the barn where they were kept over winter to protect them from the elements. As the barn doors opened they would sprint out of their confinement. Running, jumping and nudging resembling an overexcited canine. It was hilarious but at the same time heartwarming. That was when I stopped eating meat. The thought of eating something that can show so much emotion was the breaking point.

As the demand for meat and dairy grows so does the abuse of this beautiful animal. I’m not here to educate you on how terrible this industry is, social media is full of that. I’m here to show you through the lens of my camera how great bovines are. And for those that want to make a difference I would like to remind you of a few things you can do to help their plight. Cows and all¬† animals deserve respect.

What can we do to help?

  • Support Meatless Monday
  • Create your own dairy free day
  • Be daring and try Almond Milk
  • Educate yourself about meat and dairy production
  • Buy a vegetarian recipe book, you might just be surprised
  • Sign the NSPCA petition to stop live animal export
  • Start by avoiding processed meat
  • Cut your meat servings in half
  • For those that can cut out red meat completely
  • Build meals around vegetables not meat
  • Eat organic meat from smaller more humane farms

Let’s us work together and do our bit to help cows.

Weekend Away

Innikloof Weekend Away

Innikloof a weekend away

I love Patensie. After countless drives to this iconic eastern cape village for scrumptious lunches, breathtaking countryside and many photoshoots I decided it was time to see what Hankey had to offer. Hankey is a village enroute to Patensie and is so very often overlooked. Subsequently I found innikloof which lies 11km out of Hankey.

As you enter the valley also known as Honey Clough you can’t help but be astounded by the huge trees that welcome you. Innikloof is a working Citrus Farm that allows guests to share the beauty of their Estate. No day visitors and no cellphone reception (what bliss).

“Sky above. Earth below. Peace within.”

They offer a main camp ground with ample shade, electrical points, braai area and ablution facilities. A short stroll leads to the most amazing natural swimming hole. For those that don’t want to camp they have 4 fully equipped cottages. But the real deal for me are the three private camping sites they have available. You park your car and you carry your belongings through the bush on a path to your designated campsite. This is most certainly not everybody’s cup of tea but it is something you would like to do then pack lightly. The three sites are a good distance away from each other for optimum privacy. The shared ablution facilities are rustic but quaint and even boast a hot shower.

My husband and I choose Bosmusikant which is the site closest to the car and the toilet. That particular site boasts an enormous yellow wood tree. Our tent was dwarfed by this massive creation.

Bosloerie would would in fact be my favourite site as it has its own swimming hole. But just too far to shlep our equipment. Once you have set up camp and you sit and have your well deserved rest the peace and quiet engulfs you and causes instantaneous relaxation. Then you realise there are some sounds present, sounds of birds and the gurgling stream that runs past the campsite.

The farm offers two hiking trails which we did not manage to complete due to the heat. But instead we tested all the swimming holes and we will return and do the hikes. A weekend to behold. I can highly recommend it.