Andrea Paarman Photography

South African Landscape Photography by Andrea Paarman

My love for photography started at an early age. After immigrating to South Africa from Switzerland when I was 7, my folks made traveling (& photography) a big part of our lives. We traveled to places like Kruger, Zimbabwe and Namibia and I would always play with my dads camera gear. Already then i showed a distinct interest in animals & landscapes. On my 14th birthday my dad presented me with my “own camera” . It was a Canon Ae1, my pride and joy! I have been a loyal Canon user ever since.

At school I joined the photography club where I learnt to develop pictures in the dark room. Today, I revel in the new technologies available and enjoy editing my images as much as taking them.

I absolutely love nature and moody weather – I’m somewhat of a storm chaser actually. As a landscape photographer I’m constantly hunting for drama and new stories from the off-the-beaten-track regions of South Africa.

I also take a huge interest in the wellbeing of animals. I want to use my art to express myself as an animal activist by creating images that are dramatic but always filled with a positive aspect too. My goal is to create meaningful, thought-provoking pictures.

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All images are Copyright 2019 by Andrea Paarman Photography.